"What Now?" liner notes for new digital cd


The steady jazz gig has all but disappeared, most recently resulting in  our dismissal from a 12-year monthly  run at Cafe Claude in San Francisco. It left me  with drink in hand in front of the mural across Claude Alley, wondering "What Now?"  Millenial Techies like the evil Zacque (former “sound boy,” now "Music Director" at Cafe Claude) had apparently taken over and declared us outdated.

So far I have been able to retreat  back to solo jazz piano (at the Sand Dollar in Sausalito and Marin Joe’s in Corte Madera) for paid practice time, and that has generated enough profits to  produce several  concerts  with my North Bay  group at San Rafael’s JB Piano Company under the enthusiastic support of owner Glenn Woodruff. These recordings by Adrian Wong are a product of those events, which in a way have been  superior to many  club gigs because  we have our choice of any one of the outstanding pianos, the acoustics are excellent, and the audience, although small, is  very appreciative.

The cd we  have put together here honors the traditions of great jazz recordings (“Kind of Blue”), the evolution of the jazz piano trio, and the role of the vibes as my favorite fourth member. Everything is firmly rooted in acoustic sounds, classic harmony, sophisticated rhythms, and lyrical melodic lines.

Ultimately, though, the  cd medium is disappearing as fast as the live jazz gig. If you had bought this as a physical cd, chances are you would never  be able to play it in your car cd player because there wouldn't  be one.  What then? Hence the digital version cd.

On the positive side, that gives us the advantage of keeping this as an ongoing project.  We can keep adding tracks, changing the sequence, taking out or editing tracks, re-writing the liner notes, even changing the cover.  The process will continue, and as long as it does we can stay alive producing the last Blue Koala album.


                        dick fregulia, CEO Blue Koala Records

                        June, 2017