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CD ORDERS as of November 24, 2020:  Not easy, but possible. First try Googling the cd title and finding on Amazon, etc. If not available or overpriced you can order directly from Blue Koala records.

-for physical cd's: Order any title shown by mail  directly from Blue Koala Records,  339 N. Ferndale, Mill Valley CA 94941. Send check for $15 (includes shipping costs). Shipping anywhere in US. Haven't figured out foreign orders yet.

-for download digital titles try "cdbaby downloads." If that doesn't work, mail Blue Koala Records for a complimentary  download card for the "What Now" cd.

Will update when possible. 

Upcoming Gigs

Previous events


Two Italian Dicks and a Rhythm Section: the jazz trios of Dick Fregulia and Dick Conte in Concert

 —  —

JB Piano Company, 540 Irwin St, San Rafael CA

Pianists Dick Fregulia and Dick Conte will each play a 50-minute set sharing the same rhythm section of Steve Webber on bass and Jimmy Hobson on drums. Admission is $20 at the door or on line at jbpiano.com.


Dick Fregulia Jazz Piano Bar

Eat, drink, and listen to piano jazz, this week featuring the style of the Vince Guaraldi Trio


Dick Fregulia Jazz Piano Bar

Great food, great atmosphere, and jazz piano, this week highlighting the style of the Ray Bryant Trio.


Dick Fregulia Jazz Piano Bar

Classic modern jazz piano in the lounge, this week featuring the music of the Billy Taylor Trio