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This new cd (2022) is partly an update of my 2016 "What Now?" project and partly new tracks  with Steve Webber on bass and Jimmy Hobson on drums. The earlier live recordings from 2016 concerts at JB Piano in San Rafael featured Steve on bass,  Bill Moody on drums, and guest-star  Piro Patton on vibes.  Significant inspiration came from memories of San Francisco's long defunct Jazz Workshop and Blackhawk clubs and the sounds of Miles Davis' classic 1961 "Kind of Blue" album.

 Tracks: (* Track can be heard by going to audio section  of website)

 (1) So What/Flamenco Sketches,(2)* The Hat Man, (3) Black Eyes,            (4) Barbara,  (5) *Ginza Samba, (6) Black Beauty, (7) *Falling Grace, (8) Delores St. SF, (9) Joy Spring, (10) I Remember Clifford, (11)  All Blues/Blue in Green, 



Sail Away

Dick Fregulia on piano, Steve Webber on bass, Bill Moody on drums, interpreting the music of jazz trumpet icon Tom Harrell. Sail Away at 

Tracks: (* track can be heard by going to audio section of website)

(1) Sail Away, (2) Scene, (3) Moon Alley, (4) *Glass Mystery, (5) Little Dancer,(6) April Mist, (7) Streets,

(8) Nightime, (9) Water's Edge, (10) Train Shuffle, (11) Song Flower, (12) From Now On




 A jazz trio celebration of the Italian contribution to jazz. Dick Fregulia on piano, Bill Moody on drums, Steve Webber on bass.  Available at

Tracks: (* Track can be heard by going to audio page)

(1) Jamal, (2) *Estate, (3) More Than Ever, (4) Rain, (5) Don't Forget the Poet, (6) Winter Moon,

(7) Sintetico, (8) Ballade pour Gianni, (9) La Strada di Sherpa, (10) La Strada,

(11) Sea, (12) Senza Fine, (13) Vitta na Crozza


Re: Person I Knew

Live Bill Evans Tribute concertin 2011  at Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society in Half Moon Bay, CA. Available  at

Tracks: ( *Track can be heard by going to audio page)

(1) Beautiful Love, (2) Very Early, (3) Peri's Scope, (4) Commentary, (5) I Wish I Knew, (6) Nardis,

(7) How My Heart Sings, (8) Re: Person I Knew, (9) Commentary, (10) *Turn Out the Stars,

(11) Since We Met, (12) Letter to Evan, (13) Commentary, (14) Comrade Conrad, (15) Waltz for Debbie